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To our valued partners,

As the world is experiencing the outbreak of COVID-19, C. Cretors and Company has taken important steps to ensure that we cotinue to support your operations and needs during this difficult time. Our facility remains open as we follow recommended precautions for safe work practices to ensure our employee's health and safety. We are also considered a "low risk" facility by the standards set by OSHA which allows us to remain open and operating.

Order Placement: We will continue to take orders and fufill them as they are received

Order Shipping: All orders will be shipped out in a timely manner based on your order requirements. If you have open orders with us that need to be delayed or cancelled, please notify us immediately by phone: (847) 616-6900 or by email: customerservice@cretors.com

Facility Visitors: We are temporarily suspending all outside visits without a set appointment.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will share any updates or changes as quickly as possible.

As C. Cretors and Company enters its 135th year of business, we are reminded of challenging times that we have overcome in the past. We are strong and remain flexible in this current situation. We will continue to serve your equipment and service needs as they arise

Welcome to C. Cretors & Company  
C. Cretors & Company is a leader in the multi-billion U.S. concession business, and is widely credited as being the catalyst for the creation of the modern concession industry with the original popcorn machine patent.  Today, we are the leading designers and manufacturer of Concession, Foodservice and Food Processing equipment that provides world wide solutions.  Based in the Chicago area, we continue to manufacture exclusively in the United States.  

..."We Invented the Popcorn Machine, then Just Kept Going."



New Product Previews

Roller Style Hot Dog Grill - www.youtube.com/watch

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Condiment Dispenser - www.youtube.com/watch



New York City Fire Safety Approval COA #5759
Have your poppers passed the test?

Cretors Mach5 32, 48 and 60 oz Series, 3ft and 4ft popcorn machines with ANSUL and Giles Ventless Hood meets UL's KNLZ and KNKG standards.  Combined with New York City COA, the Mach 5 Series poppers is one of the safest machines on the market.

 Mach 5 photo

  • The Mach 5 popper Series stands up to the strictest fire codes
  • New York City COA (Certificate of Approval) approved

 files/NYC COA 5759 Conditions of Approval.pdf

Contact Shelly Olesen for detailed information and for a copy of the NYC COA Approval conditions.

(847) 616-6901