60 oz Gas Giant Pedestal Popper with Infrared burner

1,200 one ounce servings per hour.
60 oz Gas Giant Pedestal Popper with Infrared burner
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Now UL Approved: The high performance Giant Thunderkettle has a unique infrared burner that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and offers faster kettle heating cycles.

BTU's and fuel usage are reduced up to 30% from the standard burner. The electronic ignition automatically lights when the temperature control calls for heat. There is no standing pilot light to blow out and use fuel. The infrared flame is stronger and protected, making it more wind resistant.

Available in both propane and natural gas. Cretors exclusive one-piece kettle design with electric drive motor features a direct inject oil feed that virtually eliminates oil tube misalignment leading to messy oil spills. Our pan center design locks out any oil drips. The digital temperature control ensures accurate temperature settings and readout. An exhaust vent is located on the back of the kettle.

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