Counter Showcase Elevator Cabinet

Whether you pop the day of, or pre-pop the night before, the Counter Showcase Elevator Cabinet with Cretors exclusive cornditioner system will keep corn fresh and crisp. Dual bins with adjusable decks provide as much or as little storage needed at the time.
Counter Showcase Elevator Cabinet
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The Counter Showcase Elevator Cabinet is versatile, easy to use and highly convenient. It slides neatly into any custom or existing concession stand millwork. Whether you add freshly popped popcorn, or pop it the night before, the exclusive Cretors Cornditioner warms and maintain optimal serving temperature for popcorn freshness.

The popcorn elevator concept, a popular option in our 20 to 60 oz poppers, provides the ability to adjust the bottom of the cabinet bin to accommodate as much or as little corn as needed. Simply drop the bottom of the bins to the lowest setting to maximize storage for peak serving hours. When business slows, raise the bottom of the bins to the middle or top settings for a partial fill. Keeping the lid on one bin while serving out of the other bin ensures the popcorn is kept fresh and crisp.

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