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20% Off Holiday Special on the Classic Goldrush Popcorn Popper with One-Pop Safety Feature
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12 oz. Portion Paks Corn-Oil-Salt 24 paks/case - Use with 12 oz. poppers - (8 oz. paks shown)

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Product Description

Here's the quick, easy way to pop consistently great-tasting popcorn that everyone will love. Use with 12 oz. poppers. There is no need to measure out the oil, corn and salt when the all-in-one portion pack has it all! In fact, it is made with the finest high-quality popcorn, coconut oil and Cretors all natural butter flavored popcorn salt. Plus, the all-in-one design means less waste with great taste! Use with 12/14/16 oz kettles. 24 packets to a case. The sealed package design extend shelf life.

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