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32 oz. 48" Diplomat Self-Serve Popper

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North America Dimensions:
29.00"D x 48.00"W x 58.00"H
Metric Dimensions:
73.66D x 121.92W x 147.32H
Voltage USA:
Voltage Export:
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NEMA 14-50 (Cobra Head)

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Product Description

Since 1985, we have helped to complete popcorn production systems with Cretors 48" Diplomat Self-Serve Popper. Many times concession areas require warming capabilities and/or added storage. Our sleek yet practical popcorn machine and popcorn display cabinets are the perfect additions and help save energy at the same time.

Designed with self-service in mind, this 48" Diplomat Self Serve Popper promotes sanitation by not allowing customer's hand near the popcorn. It is built with customer-controlled augers that dispense popcorn and an integrated butter topper that dispenses warm topping.

The exclusive Cretors Cornditioner system consists of a recirculating air blower that draws air from the top of the cabinet, which is warmed and blown to the bottom of the cabinet through air ducts. The recirculating air maintains a uniform temperature that keeps popcorn fresh and crisp.

Ideal for cafeteria settings, any time refills are offered or self-serve concession design is desired.

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