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60 oz. Gas Thunder Kettle Pedestal Popper with Infrared Burner

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North America Dimensions:
22.50"D x 22.00"W x 33.00"H
Metric Dimensions:
45.72D x 58.42W x 82.55H
Voltage USA:
Voltage Export:
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160, 37,000 BTU
NEMA 5-15

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Product Description

Cretors Thunder Kettle! Hear it roar!

Capacity: This machine will produce up to 1,200 small one ounce serving bags per hour (60 one ounce serving bags per popping cycle)

It's not just how much corn you pop, it's how well you pop it. That's the philosophy behind our high-volume Giant Poppers, which let you pop anywhere from a small amount to a mountain of popcorn. These Cretors poppers are designed as compatible components in your production system. Designed to operate efficiently behind the scenes or up front, they're ideal for outdoor venues, food trailers and trucks, manufacturing plants, stadiums and arenas. A fit for everyone, the Thunder Kettle also works with four different table sizes: 3.5, 4.5, 6 and 6 ft Twin.

Built with Cretors Exclusive One-Piece Kettle design with Direct Oil Feed, our ingenuity sets us apart. Our distinct kettle design addresses several issues found in the field with Cretors exclusive solutions. The Direct inject oil feed delivers oil directly inside the kettle, preventing messy exterior oil drips and spills. The kettle cover comes apart easily with tab and pin design for easy cleaning. The welded raised pan center prevents oil leakage into the motor. Other features include a digital readout that ensures accurate temperature settings and readings, lighted rocker switches and cycling pilot light.

This high performance GT kettle has a unique infrared burner that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and offers faster kettle heating cycles.


  • BTUs are reduced up to 30% from standard burner
  • Fuel usage is reduced up to 30% from standard burner
  • Electronic ignition automatically lights when temperature control calls for heat
  • No standing pilot light to blow out and use fuel
  • Improved popping cycle
  • Infrared flame is stronger and protected making it more wind resistant
  • Wear and tear on parts reduced
  • Better access to electrical parts (cabinet)
  • Patent Pending design

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Key Features
Propane or natural gas
Electric drive motor
Requires small amount of electrical power
Lighted rocker switches
Easy to read controls
Exhaust vent located on back of kettle
Digital temperature control ensures acurate temperature settings and reading


Other custom features and options available. Please Request a Quote for more information.

Gas Operation
Natural Right Hand
Propane Left Hand
Special Mix  
Custom Features  
Equipped for Pump  
Vertical Dump Handle  
Salt/Sugar Switch  

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