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Why should I load the popper with corn first and oil second?
This is the safest way to load the kettle in preparation for popping the corn.  If oil is dispensed into a hot kettle, the risk is a fire outbreak due to oil hitting a hot surface.

Are all your poppers and equipment UL listed?
Yes, we take care to make sure all our equipment complies with the UL safety standards.  In fact, Cretors holds one of the oldest UL number listings in UL history!

What is Cretors recommended cleaning procedure for its poppers?
1) Check to be sure the correct oil and salt measurements are being used.
2) Check the oil output in machines that have an automatic oil pump.
3) Clean the inside and outside of the popper kettle to remove carbon and grease buildup.  Be sure to include the agitator assembly.
5) Clean the popper cabinet by wiping it down, and be sure to include the waste clean out drawer.
6) Replace and or clean the popper filters if applicable.
Refer to the popper's operation manual for complete user instructions.