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32 oz. Mach 5 with Giles Ventless and ANSUL Fire Suppression System New York City COA #5759 Approved

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North America Dimensions:
28.00"D x 36.00"W x 83.00"H -- Shipping Weight: 445 lb
Metric Dimensions:
71.12D x 91.44W x 210.82XH -- Shipping Weight: 200.25 kg
Voltage USA:
120/208V/1/60HZ -- 120/240V/1/60HZ available
Voltage Export:
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NEMA 14-50

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Product Description

If you can pop it here you can pop it almost anywhere! Cretors' Mach 5 Popper with ANSUL® and Giles® Ventless Recirculating Hood System is UL® Listed and certified UL 710B for unit construction, grease emissions and fire suppression. It is the first free-standing popcorn machine to receive New York City's Certificate of Approval, meeting the city's strict commercial fire code.

Capacity: This machine will produce up to 640 small one ounce serving bags per hour (32 one ounce serving bags per popping cycle).

New York City has some of the most strict fire codes in the country, and requires manufacturer compliance for grease-emitting equipment. On August 1, 2017, C. Cretors and Company received the New York City Certificate of Approval (NYC COA #5759) for our 3 ft and 4 ft Mach 5 poppers with 32-60 oz kettles which include the Giles Ventless Hood and ANSUL Fire Suppression systems. Fire codes are becoming stricter nationwide, and compliance is necessary. Cretors first pioneered this safety feature in the early 1990's with a UL approved ANSUL Fire Suppression System providing front-line protection by detecting and suppressing fires. We partnered with Giles Food Service Equipment to create a ventless popcorn machine that does not require the use of a Type 1 exhaust hood. With a three stage filter system, the ventless hood limits the emission of grease-laden air. By combining these two technologies, we have created a self-contained ANSUL fire suppression and air filtration system earning UL 710B certification. C. Cretors and Company's Mach 5 poppers with NYC COA #5759 provide the highest level of safety and compliance. You will have peace-of-mind knowing that you have one of the safest machines on the market. Inspectors will know that the machine stands up to the strictest fire codes. Our Mach 5 poppers are made in America and have passed the test. ANSUL activation not included You will find this model in theatres, grocery stores, gourmet shops, amusement parks and retailers!

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Standard Features Key Features
Clean-in-place stainless-steel kettle Available in 3 and 4 ft cabinets
One-piece lid ensures maximum popcorn expansion Available with 32, 40 and 60 oz kettle
Direct-drive agitator motor One-piece kettle
Cycling pilot light indicator Welded stainless-steel cabinet
Illuminated eye-level rocker switches Welded stainless-steel base with air-tight, tilt-out resealable corn bin
Disposable filter system LED lighting system
Clean-out drawer Halogen lighting sign
Exhaust and cornditioner system Twin popper available with 5 and 6 ft cabinets
Internal heat lamps and heated corn deck 3 ft cabinets have resealable corn bin
Eqipped for direct-oil feed Two heat lamps
Automatic jump-up kettle lid Digital temperature controller
LED popcorn sign Lift-off Vyvak® door for easy cleaning
Availalbe as a counter or floor model  
Includes choice of free oil-pump Bag-in-Box or Pail  


Other custom features and options available. Please Request a Quote for more information.

Corn Control Control
Salted Corn Standard Digital Control
Sugar Corn Digital One Pop
Salt and Sugar Corn Digital One Pop with Counter
Cabinet Style Sign
3' Floor No Lighted Sign
4' Floor Red and Yellow Popcorn Sign
5' Floor Red Neon Style LED Sign
6' Floor Single Popper  
6' Floor Twin Poppers  
6' Floor Twin Popper with Roc N' Roll Warmer  
Custom Features Merchandising
ANSUL System Operator 
Stainless Steel Pan Customer
Ventless Hood Exhaust  












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