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Movie Madness



Charles Cretors and son Hazael D. Cretors receive a patent on an electric motor converted from steam power. The motor becomes widely used in indoor locations.

Motive Power


Cretors’ first Underwriters Laboratories (UL) file number is approved (E4175) and remains the oldest UL number in active use today.



The Earn More model is introduced, making it the first machine that could be used both indoors and out. Over its more than 25 years in the marketplace, it was the most successful machine that the company ever produced.

earn more

Expanded wagon models include a Model D wagon mounted on a Ford Model T Truck chassis and an automobile popcorn machine using a Ford Model A Truck.

Model T Truck
earn more


High-volume machines with double-poppers debut in order to satisfy the increased number of patrons in theatres, recreation areas and ballparks.

Double Popper
Steam Popper

Steam powered machines and wagon sales began to decline as electric models become more popular. The last steam-powered Earn More machine was sold on November 22, 1929.


Booster Boy is created as a trademark and used in advertising to sell Cretors’ line of supplies, which include corn, seasoning, cartons and bags. “Boost your profits with Cretors Supplies!” would become a successful advertising slogan.

Walkers Sea Breeze
Booster Boy Box