Pop Science

Pop Science:
Popcorn is more than just a grain that seemingly grows in vast acres across the United States. It is probably the oldest snack food in the world. Corn has been a basic food source to the inhabitants of the American continents for over 5000 years. Today corn has been cultivated so long that the original wild grains are hard to find. All the Native Americans ate corn as a staple part of their diet. They also ate popcorn. See the related chapters to learn about this fascinating snack food.

Chapter 1: Popcorn and Other Types of Corn

Chapter 2: Hybrid Corn and Popcorn Properties

Chapter 3: From the Field To The Customer

Chapter 4: Nutrition

Chapter 5: How Popcorn Pops

Chapter 6: How Big and How Much?

Chapter 7: Popping Methods: Oil

Chapter 8: Popping Methods: Hot Air

Chapter 9: Popping Methods: Microwave