Service School

When buyers choose to purchase equipment manufactured by C. Cretors and Company, they are choosing to purchase the best equipment available in the concession and foodservice industries. These buyers are purchasing more than just high end, expensive equipment. They are investing in equipment quality, durability and longevity. For this reason, we recognize the importance of our distributors having skilled service and repair technicians available to service and maintain equipment, correctly diagnose problems, and repair or replace correct parts in the field. 

I Have to Go To School Again?
Learning about the Heart Made of Steel
Hands-on Experience Is Always the Best Teacher
Hands-on Service and Repair Time 
Do We Really Have To Clean This Machine?
Surf the Net for Manuals and Diagrams 
So You Need a Service Technician?
You Can Never Have To Much Education 
I Can’t Believe We Didn’t Think of That!

I Have to Go To School AGAIN? (back to top)
We require our Distributors to send a service representative at least every two years to Cretors Service School to stay up to date on our equipment, new products and product improvements. This is the only way a service and repair technician remains effective in the field and with their customers.With that in mind, C. Cretors and Company has created a unique two and ½ day Service School program that provides extensive knowledge and understanding about Cretors equipment. The objective of Service School is to teach the fundamentals of electrical circuits, what types of circuits Cretors uses, and how they work in Cretors equipment. The program is taught by skilled Cretors Service and Repair Technicians, who have many years of service and repair experience. Through classroom-style learning and hands-on workshops, students learn to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair various machines containing mechanical and electrical problems. Class size is limited to 12 students, and is held in the Cretors manufacturing facility located in Chicago, Illinois. This format allows the students to tour the Cretors facility, have meaningful learning discussions with Cretors Service and Repair Technicians, each other, and explore various types of Cretors equipment.

Learning about the Heart Made of Steel(back to top)
The kettle is the “heart of the machine”. It is the most important part of the popper, and can be the most complex part of the machine to repair. Therefore, it is important for students to understand how all the
components including, thermostats, relays, and switches, work together in the kettle. The first lecture
consists of an overview of electrical circuits and how they all relate to the component operation of the kettle. The instructor pops corn on the machine so students can see the proper procedures in popping corn and how the machine operates.
The Diplomat is the first piece of equipment highlighted, then the President. The Instructor discusses how
to diagnose the circuits in the machine. Special attention is paid to the kettle circuit since it is the most complex circuit in the machine. Smaller popper kettles are addressed later in the session. They are less complex and easier to work on.

Hands-on Experience Is Always the Best Teacher(back to top)
When the first lecture is completed, the hands-on experience immediately begins.   Individual kettles are handed out for students to work on. Students use the knowledge covered in the lecture and learn how to correctly diagnose and repair kettles that have existing problems. Several Cretors Service and Repair Technicians are always on hand to work closely with individual students and answer any questions they
may have. Recent design changes are explored to keep the participant up to date on new equipment.
Once the kettle segment is completed, overviews are done on other equipment including Warmers, Pumps, Cotton Candy, etc. The instructor reviews how to diagnose and repair these machines, and how to access various areas of the equipment in order to make the repairs.

Hands-on Service and Repair Time (back to top)
The Service Call portion of the program is often the highlight of Cretors’ Service School. A variety of broken    equipment is set up around the room for diagnosis and repair. Each machine has several problems that need to be fixed. The students are encouraged to look over the entire machine and repair it to working order.

Do We Really Have To Clean This Machine? (back to top)
Proper cleaning and sanitation of the machine is very important. A kettle left with burned on oil and carbon can quickly become a fire and safety hazard. Cretors Service School teaches how to clean the popcorn machines using various types of cleaners and cleaning kits that are available from Cretors. With proper training, the students learn how to correctly clean a machine, heavily emphasizing the cleaning of the kettle.

Surf the Net for Manuals and Diagrams (back to top)
C. Cretors and Company is committed to making as much useful information available as possible to Service and Repair Technicians so that machines are repaired as quickly as possible in the field. A segment in Cretors Service School discusses how to use the Cretors Extranet site where hundreds of manuals and drawings are accessible by the Cretors Authorized Service Technician. 

So You Need a Service Technician? (back to top)
Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the program. Companies that have completed Cretors Service School become our top choice of reference for people who are in need of machine repair and/or service, and are listed on the web site for anyone looking for a Service and Repair Technicians for Cretors equipment. Only attending companies will be listed on our web site as service. Distributors must attend Service School a minimum of every two years to maintain the web site listing.

You Can Never Have To Much Education (back to top)
C. Cretors and Company has recently added an Advanced Service Workshop that covers current and future design changes. Consult with your Marketing Manager for more details.

I Can’t Believe We Didn’t Think of That! (back to top)
Cretors Service School is not only a learning opportunity for the students, but it is also a wonderful way for C. Cretors and Company to interface with people who service and repair our equipment every day. 
Comments and suggestions are taken very seriously by Cretors, and many design changes are results of these informal discussions.