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Ringmaster 7" Floss Head Industrial

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North America Dimensions:
21.00"D x 13.50"W x 17.50"H -- Shipping Weight Box (1) 55 lb -- Shipping Weight Box (2) 22 lb
Metric Dimensions:
53.34D x 34.29W x 44.45H -- Shipping Weight Box (1) 24.75 kg -- Shipping Weight Box (2) 9.90 kg
Voltage USA:
NEMA L5-30

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Product Description

Cotton Candy is a tough treat to turn down, especially when it's made on a Cretors floss machine. "Look Mom", no ribbons or bands! Over 20 years ago, our revolutionary floss head design offered the industry a new and improved model that simplified cotton candy production and reduced maintenance costs.

Today, Cretors cotton candy equipment is versatile enough to meet all your cotton candy needs. The Ringmaster with the Industrial 7" stainless steel floss head is ideal for high production factory model has output producing between 15-18 lbs per hour. Heavy duty toggle switches with protective shield from sugar and a fan to keep the motor cool are a few of the upgraded features.

Cretors original floss head design has a Incoloy® Heating element that fits into a mesh screen, creating a delicious fine floss every time. The easy clean-in-place procedure reduces clean up time and repair costs. Other key features include long-lasting Cretors heavy-duty brushes that are composed of 70% carbon, and 30% copper for long life and excellent performance. Stretch-proof compression spring motor supports cannot be stretched out of shape. The cabinet is made with stainless steel welded construction with two handles that make handling the machine easy. Our floss machine uses standard cotton candy floss or regular granulated sugar.

Key Features Custom
Stainless-steel construction Two-wheel matching wagon
Cretors original Incoloy heating element design Half bubble and clips
Long-lasting Cretors heavy-duty brushes 5" and 7" Floss Head
Stretch-proof compression spring motor 19" diameter Floss Bowl
Uses standard cotton candy floss or regular granulated sugar 26" diameter Floss Bowl

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