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Sanitizing Chamber

Looking for the best of the best in sanitization? Let us introduce you to our elite Sanitizing Chamber!

This 360-degree UV-C Sanitizing Chamber is an elite, and high-quality machine designed to kill over 99.99% of most microorganisms including E-coli, Staphylococcus, and Leviviridae, on most items! The patent pending and UL Approved UV-C Sanitizing Chamber with UV-C Light (Germicidal 254nm) will sanitize a wide range of items within an impressive 1-5 minutes. Safety goggles, keys, fobs, phones and tablets…you name it. As long as it fits inside the chamber’s carousel, your options are endless. Ask about alternative rack options. 

As the creator of the first popcorn machine and one-stop-shop for all your concession needs, we not only know tasty treats, but we also pride ourselves on providing everything you’ll need for a completely clean and sanitized stand!

To learn more about our safety solutions, contact us today!