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The Effects of War



Candy coated popcorn equipment is introduced. A first of its kind, the Duplex machine could produce and candy coat popcorn at the same time. Caramel corn shops begin to appear.

Candy Coated Popcorn
Movie Popcorn Popper


As movie theater operators begin to understand the huge profit margins associated with selling popcorn, the Hollywood machine is introduced.


The dawn of the 1940’s sees big changes at Cretors, as America becomes embroiled in World War II. The War Production Board issues orders that transition Cretors and other companies to critical defense work. Cretors transitions from making poppers to manufacturing aircraft oil line fittings, mechanical radio components, jack floats (used on anti-aircraft guns) and other products. Under its new third generation president, Charles J. Cretors, the entire company rises to the occasion to support the war effort.



After World War II, Cretors’ regular manufacturing work resumes. However, a steel shortage requires the company to temporarily use wood to build its popper cabinets.

Wood Popper Cabinets
Official Volume Tester


The Official Volume Tester (OVT) is developed as a lab machine to measure popcorn quality for the PPA. Authorized sales distributorships are established.