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Twin Double Feature and Poppi on a 6ft. Twin table

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North America Dimensions:
38.50"D x 78.50"W x 62"H
Metric Dimensions:
83.82D x 213.36W x 200.66H
Voltage USA:
Voltage Export:
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Double Feature 1350 & Popper 1392
NEMA 5-15 x 2

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Product Description

Create your own complete small batch caramel plant with the flexibility of using both hot air and oil popped popcorn. Combine the Double Feature Popper along with the Poppi Hot Air Popper on a 6 ft. Twin Table to create a popping and caramelizing plant that allows you to pop corn in either oil hot air and evenly coat in caramel or cheese coating in an easy to use design.

Double Feature 12 oz. dual Caramelizer Popper

The Double Feature is the perfect choice for the customer who wants to try popcorn and caramel corn in one machine. Constructed of heavy stainless steel, with easy one-hand, tilt-to-dump action, the Double Feature is capable of producing up to 12.5 lb of candied popcorn per hour.

Pop and dump several batches of popcorn in the kettle.

  • Heat and cook caramel coating
  • Add 12 oz of popcorn to the caramel mixture
  • When popcorn is completely coated, simply dump out the batch of fresh caramel corn to cool
  • Can also be used as a coater for mixing cheese corn
  • Steam clean for easy cleanup

Poppi Capacity: 240 small one ounce bags per hour (12 small one ounce bag servings per popping cycle)

Poppi is a compact industrial counter hot air popper. Since no oil is used in the process, food costs are reduced and finished product shelf life is increased. It's a healthier alternative with less mess and minimal cleanup. Poppi is at the forefront of popping innovation and a MUST for Gourmet Popcorn Shops. Use a variety of sugar or savory coatings to create your own signature product. Poppi is a compact industrial counter model that air pops popcorn.

  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Digital temperature control allows the operator to set an exact temperature for the best popping efficiency
  • Uses hot air technology to pop popcorn
  • Approximatley 3 mintue pop cycle. Great for introductory level shops or test kitchens!

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Key Double Feature Features Key Table Features
Stainless-steel construction Stainless-steel construction
One hand tilt to dump  Accepts both electric and gas poppers
Steam clean for easy cleanup 50 lb corn drawer
Key Poppi Features  
Stainless-steel construction  
Digital temperature control  
Hot-air popping technology  
Install on a table to create a popping plant  


Other custom features and options available. Please Request a Quote for more information.

Double Feature  
Hand Operation  
Right hand  
Left hand  
Popping Plant Table  
Extra shelf for Giant popper/Caramelizer  
Extra shelf for Poppi/Double Feature  
Lower shelf storage  

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