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C. Cretors and Company

Inventors of the Popcorn Machine 

Dating back to our family owned company’s founding in 1885, C. Cretors & Company is considered the true pioneer in the field of popcorn and other food service product making equipment for a variety of industries, such as movie theatres, stadiums, amusement parks, retail establishments and many other types of businesses where delicious and fresh concession style food is so popular.

From the creation of horse drawn popcorn wagons and peanut roasters more than 100 years ago to the manufacturing of today’s cutting edge machinery, we have led the industry in innovation for more than 135 years. Still operating from our home base in the Chicago, IL area our company has been passed down through multiple generations of the Cretors family.

No matter the type of concession business our customers operate, we have machinery that is designed and scaled to meet their unique needs. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our products are maximizing the business opportunities available in their respective industries.

Cretors manufactures a vast variety of popcorn making machines, in addition to other concession related food equipment, including:

  • Small Poppers
  • Mid-Sized Poppers
  • Large Poppers
  • Hot Air Poppers
  • Gourmet Retail Equipment
  • Display & Cornditioner Cabinets
  • Topping & Dispensing Equipment
  • Oil Pumps, Heaters & Warmers
  • Nacho Making Equipment
  • Hot Dog Roller Grills & Cradle Cookers
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Pizza Oven & Humidified Food Warmer
  • Supplies & Cleaning Equipment
  • Industrial Scale Equipment
  • Cotton Candy Makers

COVID-19 Safety Equipment

Continuing our long standing tradition of always meeting the current needs of our customers, Cretors has introduced a full line of COVID-19 related products to help them contend with the unprecedented challenges that the food service industry is currently facing.

  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Counter Stands
  • Hand Sanitizer Floor Stands
  • Hand Wipe Dispensers
  • Mobile Floor Shields
  • Sanitizing Chambers

Concession Food Industry Equipment Leaders

Contact Us Today

Since the day that Charles Cretors started our business well over a century ago, we have proudly served the multi-billion dollar concession food industry on a global scale. By consistently listening to our customers’ business needs and developing machinery to help them prosper, we are proud to be considered an essential, long term partner for so many of the great companies in this dynamic industry.

If you would like to learn more about how Cretors full line of concession food equipment and supplies can benefit your business, contact us today.