5 Reasons Why your Concession Stand Needs to Sell Nachos!

Let’s be honest…who doesn’t love nachos? Their warm, melty cheese, flavor-filled goodness is a crowd pleaser every time! If you want to operate a successful concession stand, offering nachos to your customers is a no brainer! Whether you run your business in a movie theater, sports stadium, or at a local school's special event, nachos will bring a smile to both young and old.

Concession Stand Nachos

In this blog, let's look at 5 great reasons why you need to sell uber-tasty nachos at your concession stand.

Who Can Resist Concession Stand Nacho Cheese?

Think about it….How many people have you met that don’t like nachos? They have a nearly universal appeal to everyone. Nacho love brings people together, and stretches across many culinary and cultural landscapes. You want a sure-fire product to sell? Nachos can’t be beat!

Easy Peasy Prep

When it comes to spending your time wisely with food preparation, nothing is simpler than serving nachos to your customers. Whether you serve up chips and cheese from your warmer, or use a cheese dispenser to prepare your delicious snacks, you’ll be making a lot of hungry customers happy.

Great Margin

There are few concession stand snack foods as margin friendly as nachos. All the ingredients to make “good enough to write home about” nachos are readily attainable and extremely affordable. In addition, the minimal time it takes to prepare them for sale will save you quite a bit in labor costs.

Endless Variety of Flavors

The number of nacho variations that you can serve your customers is virtually endless. Whether you want to offer a simple chip and cheese product, or load your nachos up with sour cream, seasonings, guacamole, salsa, or anything else, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Can’t decide? Try a little bit of everything, and see what works best with your customer base.

Make it a Combo

Want to increase your sales, while making customers happy? Offer a package deal to go along with your nachos. For example, create a special price for a nachos/soda, or nachos/candy combo. Not only will your overall sales go up, but you will also be creating new opportunities to sell other products.

If you are ready to open a nacho cheese concession stand, and take your business to a whole new level, we can help!

No matter the size or scale of your operation, Cretors has a nachos machine to fit your exact needs. From dispensers, to snack cabinets and everything in between, you can count on us to help you succeed.

For three centuries, we have been perfecting the art of popular food products. Let us help you make your concession stand business more successful, and profitable than ever with one of our nachos machines.

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