Cretors Commitment to Sustainability

Solar Panel

Solar Powered

Cretors fulfills all of its electrical power needs through the solar panel installation on the roof of our factory. Solar panels draw their energy from the sun, a renewable resource that never diminishes. We installed the solar energy system to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, thereby improving air quality and protecting the environment.

Cretors Commitment to Sustainability

Induction Popcorn Machine

Faster Heat Up

Induction heating can heat materials very quickly, often significantly faster than traditional heating methods. This rapid heating reduces processing times, leading to increased productivity and throughput in manufacturing processes.

Faster Cool Down

As soon as the heat shuts off the temperature starts going down. This prevents overshoot in temperature.

Precise Control

Allows for accurate temperature control and uniform heating distribution.

Consistent Product

Uniform heating results in consistent and repeatable heating outcomes.

Energy Efficient

Directly heating the material results in minimal heat loss and energy waste, leading to cost savings in energy consumption.
mach 5 floor popcorn popper

GT60 Thunderkettle Gas Giant


  • Power Dump system reduces labor costs
  • Attached green beacon light signals dump action as the kettle dumps
  • Wear and tear on parts reduced
  • Remote control switch can be mounted on table for easy operation
  • BTUs are reduced up to 30% from standard burner
  • Fuel usage is reduced up to 30% from standard burner
  • Electronic ignition automatically lights
  • when temperature controller calls for heat
  • No standing pilot light to blow out and use fuel
  • Improved popping cycle
  • Infrared flame is stronger and protected
  • making it more wind resistant
  • Better access to electrical parts (cabinet)
  • Patent pending design

Standard Features

  • Propane or natural gas
  • Electric direct drive motor
  • Requires small amount of electrical power (contact your Cretors representative for further details)
  • Lighted rocker switches
  • Easy-to-read controls
  • Exhaust vent located on back of kettle
  • Digital readout ensures accurate temperature settings and readings
  • A safety off switch automatically turns off burner flame when the kettle is lifted for dumping. The flame automatically relights when the kettle is placed back into the cooking position
  • Cycling pilot light with digital temperature controller

Eco Bags


Unique oil resistant heat sealed bottom. 100% leak proof bag means no butter, no grease, no worries! Our exclusive - EcoSelect Popcorn bags are 100% biodegradable.

Available in four sizes: 1.5oz; 1000 blue print bags qty per case. 2.5oz; 500 red print bags qty per case. 4oz.; 500 green print bags per case. 5oz.; 500 yellow print bags per case.
Eco Bags Blue Print / 1.5 OZ / 1000 CT