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Cotton Candy Supplies

Nothing evokes memories of childhood quite like the smell of warm, heated sugar that immediately melts in your mouth like a sweet, delicious cloud. If you have a cotton candy stand, you’re going to want the best cotton candy supplies to ensure that your customers keep coming back for more! (and with your cotton candy, they will!)

C. Cretors and Company has everything you will need to supply your cotton candy stand and create beautiful clouds of sticky, sweet candy floss. Our extensive list of flavors, include pink vanilla, green apple, grape, cherry, and blue raspberry! Your customers, friends, and family won’t know which to choose – they’re all so good!

Don’t forget necessities like floss bags, Ringmaster cotton candy bowls, floss bubble, Ringmaster Cotton Candy cones, and more! Trust, us, we know cotton candy and we are here to make sure yours is the best!

To find out exactly what cotton candy supplies you’ll need, contact us today!