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Oil Pumps, Heaters and Warmers

To ensure proper production, temperature, and functionality of your concession stand business, you’ll need the right equipment! Our extensive selection of oil pumps, heaters, and warmers, includes:

  • The Original Automatic Bag-in-Box Oil Pump
  • The Original Automatic Bag-in-Box Oil Pump-Heated for Coconut Oil
  • Bag-in-Box (BIB) Short Oil Pump
  • Bag-in-Box Back Room Warmer – 4 Shelf
  • Automatic 50 lb. Oil Pump
  • Hot Rod Coconut Oil Heater
  • Heated Oil Pail Step
  • Box Pump
  • Control Switch

Looking for concession extras to go with your new equipment? Choose from repair kits, popping supplies, popper cleaning supplies and kits! No matter what industry, you can always count on C. Cretors and Company to bring you the highest quality concession equipment on the market – after all, we invented it!

For questions about our oil pumps, heaters, and warmers, please contact us today!