Popcorn Expansion Test

Metric Weight Volume Tester

The Cretors test, also known as the popcorn expansion test, is a method used to evaluate the quality of popcorn kernels based on their expansion when popped. This test is particularly important in the popcorn industry to ensure consistency in the popping characteristics of kernels.
Cretors popcorn machine

Here's how the Cretors test typically works:

Sample Preparation

A representative sample of popcorn kernels is selected for testing. This sample should adequately represent the batch or lot of popcorn being assessed.

Popping Process

The selected popcorn kernels are popped using a standardized popping method set forth by The Popcorn Institute. The test is performed using Cretors Metric Weight Volume Tester (M.W.V.T) as this is the only industry approved machine to accurately measure corn expansion.

Measurement of Expansion

After popping, the volume of the popped popcorn is measured using a graduated tube recording cubic centimeters output per grams of corn input.

Quality Evaluation

The expansion ratio, which is the ratio of the volume of the popped popcorn to the volume of the unpopped kernels, is calculated. A higher expansion ratio typically indicates better quality popcorn, as it means the kernels have expanded more fully and uniformly during popping.

Comparison and Standardization

The expansion ratio obtained from the test can be compared to a standard or ideal expansion ratio for the particular variety or grade of popcorn being tested. This helps in assessing the quality of the popcorn and ensuring consistency in popping characteristics across different batches or lots.

Additional Tests

Kernel Moisture test and Kernel Sizing test are available upon request,

Overall, the Cretors test provides valuable information about the popping characteristics and quality of popcorn kernels, allowing corn processors to maintain consistency and meet quality standards in their products.

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