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Bag-in-Box (BIB) Short Oil Pump

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Product Description

Reduce your wasted oil consumption by switching to convenient and easy to handle Bag-in-Box! Cretors first brought this innovation to concession stands based on a customer request for a pump that was easier to use and keep clean. The robust gear pump will ensure extended-term pump life. This single-shelf pump is perfect for situations when the double-shelf BIB Oil Pump is not practical due to space limitations. The single heated shelf holds and warms one 35 lb box of popping oil. An added pump gear heater and heated lines keep the coconut oil at optimal temperature for popcorn production. Keep your coconut oil liquid without drying out your popcorn seed!

Other custom features and options available. Please Request a Quote for more information.

30" Heated oil lines
50" Heated oil lines
70" Heated oil lines
Double shelf cabinet

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