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CMD100 Cooker and Coater on 6' Table with Blower Right Hand Opreration

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North America Dimensions:
35.00"D x 97.00"W x 65.00"H -- Shipping Weight: 578 lb
Metric Dimensions:
88.90D x 246.38W x 165.10H -- Shipping Weight: 260.10 kg
Voltage USA:
120/208V/1/60HZ -- 120/240V/1/60HZ available
Voltage Export:
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NEMA L14-50

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Product Description

For the serious caramel corn producer!

Capacity: Produces up to 100 lb. of candied corn per hour

When your business is all about gourmet popcorn go for the best! Create your special signature recipes by starting with the original Cretors family caramel recipe and enhancing it with your personal touch. The CMD100's standard features include stainless steel mixing bowl, agitator blade and pedestal. Two mixing baffles improved coating process and efficiency, providing a well coated product. An intermittent mixer timer ensures even cooking without burning. Adjustable digital temperature control is designed for precise temperature settings and measures actual product temperature. An audible alarm indicates when desired temperature is reached. We make cleaning and sanitation a breeze and easy to steam clean! The CMD 100 Caramelizer is mounted on a custom-built frame that provides extra stability and paired with the Giant Cooling Bin with Fan that speeds up the cooling cycle by forcing air up through the finished product. Product is cooled and ready to be bagged more efficiently. Right Hand Operation.

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Key CMD 100 Features Key Table Features
Combination cooker and mixer prepares a variety of caramel coatings Stainless-steel construcrtion
Stainless-steel mixing bowl, agitator blade and pedestal  
Exclusive large mixing baffles improve coating process and efficiency  
Adjustable digital temperature controller provides precise temperature settings and measures actual product temperature  
Audio alarm signals when temperature is reached  
Caramelizer is mounted on a custom-built, stainless-steel Cretors coating cooling bin for extra stability  


Other custom features and options available. Please Request a Quote for more information.

CMD 100 Table
Right hand operation Cooling table with fan switch
Left hand operation Intermitent mixer timer
  Cooling fan

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