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Metric Weight Volume Tester (MWVT)

At C. Cretors & Company, we know popcorn. The best and most flavorful popcorn are the fluffiest which is why we’ve developed the Metric Weight Volume Tester (MWVT).

The original volume tester was originally developed in 1952 by Cretors to test the quality of popcorn that was being provided by corn processors. In 1972, the MWVT was developed with counsel and input from the Popcorn Institute. Detailed instructions are developed by the Popcorn Institute and must be followed for results to be considered valid.

The MWVT gave the industry an objective standard against which corn processors and retailers are able to compare their expansion of various samples of popcorn to ensure corn quality and determine corn expansion and performance. How it works: Digital watt meter allows the user to accurately control the power supplied to the popping kettle regardless of voltage supplied to the machine. It also lets the user adjust for variable voltage solutions.

For questions about our MWVT, please contact us today! For over 135 years, we’ve worked directly with our customers to find exactly what machine works best for them.