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20% Off Holiday Special on the Classic Goldrush Popcorn Popper with One-Pop Safety Feature
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Concession Extras

For business owners, long-standing concession stand owners, or anyone looking for a convenient place to buy all of your concession extras, C. Cretors and Company is the place for you! From floss bags and floss cones to Eco bags, kettle cleaner, popcorn butter, and delicious cotton candy floss, we have it all. Movie theater popcorn isn’t the same without the perfect topping of rich, buttery flavored salt and cotton candy would be nothing without the perfect ultra-sweet flavor companion like grape, cherry, pink vanilla, green apple, and blue raspberry!

As the creators of the first popcorn machine, you know you can trust us to delivery the best concession extras for your business or event! The best part? We work directly with our customers to deliver exactly what they’re looking for – no guess work, no miscommunication, just delicious, decadent treats, every time.

Contact us today to find the exact concession stand extra you’re looking for!