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Popping Supplies

What is popcorn without the accoutrements that has made it a family and customer favorite for over a century? Savory, delicious, buttery flavored salt . Creamy, Ooey gooey caramel mix.

We believe your popcorn deserves the best, which is why C. Cretors and Company has all the popping supplies you’ll need for your movie theater, concession stand, or home popcorn machine!

Yes, we have all the delicious popcorn toppings you’ll ever need, but we also have the necessary supplies, including: disposable filters, 50-lb bulk bags of corn kernels, non-stick lecithin, portion paks of premeasured corn/oil/salt, and a variety of eco bags that are great for customers, friends, and family that want to enjoy your creations.

To find exactly what you need for your concession stand or home popcorn machine, contact us today!