Game Day Foods that are Fan Favorites

With the NCAA tournament quickly approaching, you’ll want to know that wherever you watch it, you’re ready with the game day foods you like the most. It doesn’t matter if you are more into sweet treats or savory snacks, Cretors has the basketball snack ideas that will help you commiserate or celebrate accordingly. Figure out which game day food fan you are, below, and get stocked up on basketball game snacks!

The Basketball Popcorn Muncher

This person is a hard-core basketball fan. They are likely to grab the whole bowl of popcorn and place this snack on their lap and chomp their way through it without ever taking their eyes off the game. Ensure there’s someone on hand to re-fill the bowl, but that they never block this person’s view! This person is normally so focused on the game they are unlikely to interact with you. After the tournament has finished, they will try to convince everyone they were a couple of matches off having a perfect bracket. If you are hosting a basketball party with game day food, the basketball popcorn muncher will appreciate it if you’re equipped with one of Cretors small poppers. These high-quality popcorn machines are perfect for use at home and will keep this person going through the highs and lows. If their team loses, at least they can be consoled with this delicious basketball game snack.

The Cotton Candy Snacker

This basketball fan (if not a child) is pie in the sky. They are excited about every game but spend most of the time daydreaming about what it would be like to play basketball themselves. They enthusiastically cheer along with everyone else and seem to keep everyone entertained with bizarre ‘would you rather’ questions. This is a person who believes in the underdog and celebrates getting a game correct in the bracket by eating more Cretors cotton candy snacks. This fan is kept happy with the huge range of cotton candy supplies we provide. From classic pink vanilla to green apple flavorings, you will have all they need to munch their way through the game.

The Longtime Basketball Hot Dog Eater

This person has been watching basketball since before your mother was born. They will happily chat with you during the game about other classic plays they’ve witnessed while enjoying their favorite basketball hotdog. Their preferred hot dog should be cooked to perfection with Cretors hot dog equipment, a hot dog grill accompanied by the hot dog bun warmer. They will always look for a Cretors machine and will never deviate from the classic condiment: Mustard. The server knows them by name. There’s nothing about basketball that they haven’t seen before and they won’t let you forget how there used to be just eight teams in the tournament.

The Tailgate Nachos King/Queen

This person is super organized and will have spent hours researching stats when putting together their bracket, which they’ll have written at least three drafts of. They will know that Cretors makes the best nacho equipment for keeping their nachos warm but still fresh and crisp, ready to tuck into during the game. They will also come fully prepared with enough napkins to go around to keep sticky fingers at bay. This person keeps the group in order and will have arranged the time and setting of their meet-ups for the next year in advance.

The ‘A Little Bit of Everything’ Fan

This person is here purely for the game day food. They enjoy the company of their friends and will sit and watch the game but will have one eye on the menu. They enjoy all of the snacks and have no idea what a bracket is but they do often wonder about opening their own concession stand using Cretors equipment. As we all know, Cretors has the best concession and cooking equipment that will keep customers happy and your restaurant a success. This fan will happily place a bet with you just for the fun of it even though they know their chances of winning are slim.

Choose Cretors For the Best Gameday Foods

The next time you’re out enjoying basketball season, look out for these fans and try and spot them in the crowd. Maybe you’ve spotted yourself! If your basketball game snacks are being made with Cretors equipment, you are bound to enjoy the range of delicious game day snacks no matter the result.

Shop now and make sure you’re ready to host or enjoy great game day foods year-round!