Game Day & Hot Dogs: A Match Made in Heaven

Who doesn’t love a delicious hot dog on a beautiful summer game day afternoon? If you are a fan of baseball, you know how popular the hot dog is as the nation’s # 1 go to meal at the ballpark.

Have you ever wondered exactly how hot dogs got to be such an honored tradition on game day?

Well, dear readers, you have come to the right place! Let’s take a look at how game day hot dogs got to be such an important part of the American baseball experience.

The History of Baseball & Hot Dogs

The origin of the hot dog itself has always been the subject of considerable debate. What is generally agreed upon is that the hot dog first came onto the scene in 19th Century Europe.

During the 1800’s, baseball was gaining in popularity in the United States. As crowds grew, so did the need to feed them during games. Today’s hot dog evolved from early vendors selling sausages in a bun to baseball spectators.

The 20th Century Hot Dog Craze Begins

By the dawn of the 20th Century, many thousands of hot dogs were being sold at baseball games around the U.S. Today, it is estimated that between 18 and 20 million hot dogs are eaten each year at Major League Baseball games.

The Total Ball Park Experience

For many people, having a tasty hot dog at the ballpark on game day is an important part of their overall experience.

Now, what goes onto a hot dog has been a subject of fierce debate for many decades. In fact, in some parts of the country, some garnishes are not allowed at all!

For example in the great City of Chicago, you will be run out of town if you put ketchup on your hot dog! However, all across the country, condiments and toppings such as relish, mustard, onions, hot peppers and even chili are popular choices.

Hot Dog Equipment & Supplies for Game Day

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