How to Make Carnival-Worthy Cotton Candy

Roll up, roll up to get the best cotton candy equipment on the market!

Summertime will soon be upon us. This means longer, fun-filled days, al fresco dining, and of course, everyone’s favorite fluffy, sugar-spun snack: cotton candy floss. Don’t leave it too late to get your cotton candy stand organized! It’s your chance to be the go-to vendor for the ultimate sugar hit.

Grab Your Top Hat and The Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

It’s show time! To be the ringmaster of it all, you need the best commercial cotton candy machine to give people the sweet treat they crave. It’s your time to shine with carnival cotton candy that gets customers coming back time and time again.

Cretors offers everything you need to provide cotton candy floss that can’t be turned down. We have a range of floss heads to suit your business. The industrial ringmaster 7” floss head produces between 15-18lbs of cotton candy per hour, while the ringmaster lite 5” floss head gives you 8-10 pounds per hour, and is perfect for parties, rentals, concession stands, carnivals, festivals, and even county fairs. Our floss heads make the ideal cotton candy with simplified production and reduced maintenance costs. They’re easy to “clean in place”, which reduces the amount of time cleaning takes and helps to reduce repair costs. Our floss machines are versatile and can be used with standard cotton candy floss or granulated sugar.

We also offer two sizes of ringmaster bowls to suit your store. They come in 19” for the Ringmaster Lite machine….easy to fit into a car and sink for cleaning plus great for rentals where space is an issue, and 26” sizes that fits all Ringmasters 5” and 7” machines. We can also provide a clear cotton candy 1/2 floss bubble that can fit onto the 26” ringmaster bowl, to contain the cotton candy as it is being spun.

With Carnival Cotton Candy, it’s Showtime, Anytime!

Get the show on the road with our Ringmaster Two-Wheel Cart! Conjure up a carnival atmosphere with this eye-catching machine that makes on-the-go cotton candy production easy. Stand out in the crowd and tempt passers-by to stop for some delicious cotton candy floss.

Our Ringmaster Cotton Candy Cones can whip up bushels of pure profits! Our exclusive hook tipped Ringmaster Cones let you easily grab spun sugar from the Ringmaster bowl to produce beautiful, fluffy candy and ready to be freshly served.

Our floss bags make impulse cotton candy buying effortless. The cotton candy can be pre-made and packaged to be displayed alongside your cart; customers can pick out a bag and take it home, trouble-free.

A Rainbow of Cotton Candy Flavors

Everyone has their own favorite flavor of cotton candy floss that they love to tuck into during the summer. Get yourself fully stocked and prepared for the crowds with our range of deliciously delectable cotton candy flavors. We have five fabulous flavors to choose from, including pink vanillagreen applegrapecherry, and blue raspberry. Our ingredients combine to form the frothiest, softest cotton candy out there. Our delightful colors and tasty cotton candy flavors are sure to put you in the carnival mood.

Come One, Come All, and Get Your Cretors Cotton Candy Equipment!

When you choose Cretors, you know you’re choosing the best commercial cotton candy machine available. Learning how to make cotton candy couldn’t be easier than with Cretors ringmaster floss heads, ringmaster bowls, and other cotton candy supplies. There is always a carnival cotton candy-induced atmosphere around whenever the cotton candy machines appear. Buy a Cretors cotton candy machine and you will be the center of it all! Shop our full range of Cretors cotton candy supplies online today.