6 oz./8 oz. Goldrush with One-Pop (fire safety auto shut off)


Product Description

Big things come in small packages! From the people who patented the first popcorn machine we put all of our know-how in our poppers big and small! Hand crafted and made in the USA you will be passing this down for generations!

Capacity: 6oz./8oz. kettle will produce between 120 and 160 small one ounce serving bags per hour (6 to 8 small one ounce serving bags per popping cycle).

Whether you are popping corn at home, a convenience store, a school or a cafeteria, C. Cretors and Company makes it safe, easy and effortless. Cretors popping equipment combines clean design and exceptional technology with unsurpassed durability. Our patented One Pop feature automatically shuts the heat off after every batch! This great fire safety feature will give you peace of mind. Nothing smells better than fresh popped corn but burnt popcorn lingers! We help you to pop delicious popcorn each and every time. Our engineers have you in mind with labor saving and durable design features! The welded stainless-steel cabinet means not only is the machine durable and sturdy but, there are less pieces to remove for cleaning. Wipe out the cabinet, throw the clean out drawer in the sink or dishwasher and you are done! Other key features include an interior heat lamp and heated corn deck to help keep the popcorn fresh and crisp. The Cretors clean-in-place swing down kettle, which is powered by a direct drive motor, has a removable one-piece kettle lid means the kettle is easy to clean. Clean in place means less worries about lost, broken or bent parts or someone placing it in water or a dishwasher! Tempered safety glass will not shatter. Durable lift-off doors for easy cleaning. Great for home theatres, rental companies, hotels, bars, clubs, stores, schools and more!

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