Cretors nacho machine


Product Description

"Nacho"Ordinary Cheese Dispenser! Complete your nacho equipment line with the Nacho Cheese Pump. Our Nacho Cheese dispensers stand up to the rigorous workload common in concession and food service locations.

Welded stainless-steel construction ensures equipment durability during demanding use. An aluminum tub with a built-in thermostat holds two 6 lb bags and consistently heats cheese to serving temperature within 30 minutes. A no-drip peristaltic pump quickly dispenses warmed cheese and helps to keep your concession area mess free. Key features include stainless-steel construction that will not warp with use, and an adjustable portion control setting that allow you to set the portion amount to be dispensed. Ask about optional features including multiple portion controls, manual continuous delivery button and a lighted back lit sign.

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