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Popper Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

Let the popper do the elbow grease with our Cretors Popper Cleaning Kit! Reuseable srub pads are zised to fit a 16" diameter scrub pad and can be trimmed down fit smaller kettle sizess.  The kit comes complete with all the essentials needed to keep the kettle in top condition.

The Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • Large round scrub pads and the small hand held scrub pad are safe on all our nickel plated and stainless steel kettles
  • Cleaning tub is ideal for transporting removeable parts and cleaning solution to a sink
  • Wire brush is essential for removing carbonization and residue from the stirrer blade hub and the drive connector
  • Cretors specially formulated Inside Kettle Cleaner
  • Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • High Temerpature and Chemical resistant Gloves
  • 36" Cane Mesh Apron
  • Safety Glasses

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