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Metric Weight Volume Tester (MWVT)

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About This MWVT

When you are in the business of popping corn accuracy matters! C. Cretors & Company offers the only volume tester approved by the Popcorn Institute to accurately measure popcorn expansion. The Cretors' Metric Weight Volume Tester duplicates normal popping conditions with all variables tightly controlled. Popcorn processors and retailers are able to compare the expansion of various samples of popcorn to ensure corn quality, and determine corn expansion and performance.

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Product Description


The original volume tester was originally developed in 1952 by Cretors to test the quality of popcorn that was being provided by corn processors. In 1972, the MWVT was developed with counsel and input from the Popcorn Institute. Detailed instructions are developed by the Popcorn Institute and must be followed for results to be considered valid.

The MWVT gave the industry an objective standard against which corn processors could compare their product. How it works: Digital watt meter allows the user to accurately control the power supplied to the popping kettle regardless of voltage supplied to the machine. It also lets the user adjust for variable voltage solutions.


North America Dimensions: 23.00"D x 29.00"W x 19.19"H
North America Shipping Weight: 314 lb
Metric Dimensions: 58.42D x 73.66W x 194.31H
Metric Shipping Weight: 141.30 kg
Voltage USA: 120V/1/60HZ
Voltage Export: Request a Quote
Watts: 2300
Plug: NEMA L5-30
  • Digital temperature control permits accurate temperature to exactly duplicate the test conditions specified by the Popcorn Institute
  • The popping pan is manually charged with specified amounts of corn and coconut oil
  • The popped corn drops through the funnel-shaped hopper into the measuring tube, minimizing corn breakage and providing the most accurate measure of corn expansion
  • Each measuring tube is individually calibrated using a single reference source to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Before shipment, each MWVT is test popped and compared to a standard unit for reference to assure consistency and accuracy of operation

C. Cretors & Company Warranty Information

See below for a summary of C. Cretors standard limited two-year warranty; note that some restrictions may apply. Always contact C. Cretors directly for questions about the warranty on a specific piece of equipment.

C. Cretors warrants to the purchaser of each new CRETORS popcorn machine and related products that we will replace f.o.b. our factory any part which proves to be defective in material or workmanship within two years from the date of purchase providing such part is returned to C. Cretors & Company, transportation charges prepaid. This warranty does not apply to a part damaged by accident, abuse, misapplication or misuse, nor can we honor any claim for repairs or service unless previously authorized by us. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

  1. With all new machines comes a factory registration card, which must be filled out when the machine is installed and returned to CRETORS for the warranty to be in effect.
  2. If it is a replacement part that has failed, the date of installation and invoice number is needed. (It is also a good way to keep track of your service accounts and help us track potential problems.)
  3. If you prefer to have credit issued instead of a replacement sent, the defective part must be received at the factory before the credit will be issued. (The short paying of invoices is not allowed.)
  4. Before returning any part to the factory, you must call and obtain a RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION (RMA) #. This will assist in tracking your return and allow us to process it more efficiently.
  5. Perishable goods are non-returnable.

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