The Best Concession Stand Food to get your Stand Poppin'

Deciding what scrumptious food to sell at your concession stand is the start of a delicious journey. However, with the vast array of options available, it can be difficult to know which concession stand food will draw in the crowds. Fortunately, Cretors has a wide range of equipment to ensure that no matter what concession stand food ideas you go for, you’ll keep your customers coming back for more.

Check out Cretors’ full range of concession equipment to make your stand irresistible.

Concession Stand Food Ideas

With Cretors, you have the opportunity to offer your customers a wide range of the best concession food around. From popcorn machines to nacho equipmentcotton candy, and hot dog equipment, Cretors has all the high-quality equipment you need.


Cretors has been making popcorn machines for over 135 years, and we’ve got a reputation for making some of the best-tasting popcorn in the world. Cretors popcorn machines are available in a range of sizes including small poppersmid-size poppers, and large poppers, to cater to your low or high-volume needs. Our machines come in a range of styles, offering versatility that will suit you and your company. We also offer all the popping supplies you need to help you make deliciously tempting popcorn, including popcorn seed, All-In-One kits, gourmet popcorn salt, popcorn bags, caramel mix, cheese paste, cleaning supplies, and more. Cretors also offers hot air poppers for a healthier spin on traditional popcorn-making methods. Along with Caramelizer cookers that produce endless variations of gourmet candied popcorn flavors. Don’t forget to choose one of our many display warmers to show off your perfectly produced popcorn!

Cotton Candy

Cretors cotton candy machines provide you with commercial-grade cotton candy that is fluffy and offers sweet-toothed fans the ultimate sugar hit. Available with 7” and 5” floss heads, our improved models make mouthwatering cotton candy every time, and maintenance and repair costs are reduced. Don’t forget, you can offer multiple flavors with Cretors cotton candy flavorings.


Cretors nacho equipment is also available to provide the public with one of the most popular concession foods. Nachos are popular at all kinds of occasions and sporting events. Nachos are the perfect snack for those of us with more of a savory tooth. Cretors offers everything from cheese dispensers to cabinets and display cases to proudly display your crunchy, moreish nachos.


No concession stand offering would be complete without the nation’s favorite, the classic hot dog. We have everything you need to keep your customers satisfied, from hot dog grills to hot dog bun warmers - we even offer a combination hot dog cooker and bun warmer! We’re always safety and hygiene conscious, so Cretors also offers sneeze guards to keep your hot dogs fresh and away from any airborne contaminants.

The Most Profitable Concession Food

Some of the best foods to sell at concession stands are those that are most profitable. Popcorn is always an incredibly popular choice with the public, so it makes for one of the most profitable concession stand foods. Another delicious and best-selling concession food is cotton candy. Picking food that doesn’t need utensils and is quick and easy to make in bulk is a surefire way to be popular with the masses and make your business profitable.

Create the Best Concession Stand Food with Cretors

No matter what you decide are the best foods to sell at concessionary stands, Cretors has all the equipment you need to get yourself stocked up and ready to satisfy your customers. Buy all you need at today to make your concession stand a success.