What are the Most Popular Flavors of Cotton Candy?

Ah, summer, that blissful time of year for beautiful weather, evenings out, and making memories with family and friends. Of course, when you think of summer, you think of Cotton Candy!

Many people do not know that Cotton Candy goes back two centuries to the sweet year of 1897, when dentist (ironically) William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton created a machine to make what was initially known as “Fairy Floss”.

Cotton Candy first officially debuted at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. By the 1920’s, the name Cotton Candy was solidly entrenched in the public vernacular.

Popular Cotton Candy Flavors

As a society today, we are so fortunate that Cotton Candy now comes in so many delicious and irresistible flavors! What is your favorite? Do not worry, dear reader, you don’t have to pick just one!

Multiple faves are allowed!

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Cotton Candy flavors.

Green Apple

Green Apple Cotton Candy tastes just like it sounds! Super sweet with hints of lemon and tartness. Some people would describe tartness as “sour”, but when it comes to Cotton Candy, there’s nothing sour about it!

If you are looking for a Cotton Candy flavor that will make your taste buds come alive, Green Apple is for you!

Pink Vanilla

We challenge you to find anyone who does not LOVE Pink Vanilla Cotton Candy! Generally used as a topping for many uber-popular baked goods like cake, cupcakes or donuts, Pink Vanilla is pure Sweetness Nirvana.

As you pull off a handful of Pink Vanilla Cotton Candy and put it in your mouth, all your troubles will suddenly disappear as you lose yourself in its light and fluffy perfection.


There’s a reason why red lollipops are always the first to be eaten! It’s because of their delectable Cherry flavor! If you like Cherry suckers, you are going to love Cherry flavored Cotton Candy!

Bursting at the seams with flavor, be prepared for people to ask you for “just a little” from your Cotton Candy cone. Next time you get some Cherry Cotton Candy, It might be a good idea to buy two to make sure you get some for yourself!


One thing is for sure, people go goofy for Grape Cotton Candy! Grape is the perfect combination of sweet with a hint of tartness. In addition to its great taste, there is nothing quite like the deep, lush color of Grape Cotton Candy.

If you want to make friends real fast, get some Grape Cotton Candy this summer. You will be very popular!

Blue Raspberry

Nothing says summer like Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy! Its intense berry flavor is always a crowd pleaser! Known for its sweetness, with just the perfect amount of tang, the only thing better than how it tastes is its electric blue color!

Having a humdrum day? Add some Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy to the mix. We guarantee you’ll be smiling again in no time!

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