Essentials to have at Your Concession Stand

Your Ultimate Concession Stand Essentials Guide

It’s an undisputed fact that hot and delicious food is the main driving point behind why people leave their homes. Think about it – movies? Popcorn. Carnivals? Cotton candy. A child’s birthday party? Pizza by the slice.

So, when starting or expanding on your own concession stand business, the top priority should always be centered around food – what type you should sell and how it should be displayed in order to ensure it remains fresh and delicious for longer.

To make this process easier, the concession stand experts at Cretors have created our very own ultimate essentials guide that will give you the information you need to take your concession stand from, “oh, I’m not really that hungry, I just want to see the movie,” to “If I don’t get my hands on some cotton candy right now, I’ll go crazy.”

Yes, we really can help you make that happen. And, here’s what you’ll need.

5 Concession Stand Must-Haves: Food & Equipment

For over 135 years, the product innovators and concession equipment experts at Cretors have been behind helping businesses all over the nation build and expand their business with high-quality, long-lasting concession stand equipment that works.

From movie theaters and carnivals to universities, catered parties, and stadium events, having reliable concession stand equipment is vital for growing business and attracting hungry customers!

Here are the five must-have concession equipment essentials you need to start or build your business.

Humidified Food Warmer

Your perfectly prepared food is only as good as its half-life. Meaning, if you’re selling more pizza when it’s at its peak freshness, you’ll want to find a way to keep it fresh as long as possible to boost sales. The answer to that? A humidified food warmer.

Using a recirculating air system and programmable digital controls that ensure stable temperature and humidity, this high-tech equipment is specially designed to be both effective, keeping delicious food items like pizza, pretzels, and churros fresh for up to three hours.

Popcorn Machine

Is there a such thing as a popcorn hater? If so, we haven’t met one yet, which means the first and most important concession stand equipment you’re going to need is a high-quality popcorn maker that can manage a high-volume – because trust us, the popcorn will go fast.

At Cretors, you can find commercial popcorn machines that range from 20 oz to 120 oz depending on your needs. For even more variety, you can explore our small poppers mid-size poppers , and hot air poppers that will work for just about any concession stand business!

Cotton Candy Maker

Nothing brings back the feelings of nostalgia quite like cotton candy. The delicate science of air whipping sugar to create the melt-on-your-tongue cotton requires a highly technical machine construction that is easy-to-clean with heavy-duty brushes that won’t break down easily over time.

At Cretors, we’ve spent years developing our cotton candy machines to be durable and resilient, with materials like stainless-steel and stretch-proof compression spring motors that support hours of candy floss creation.

Hot Dog Grill

Hot dogs are simple, underrated, and ideal for every age range. From 2 to 100, there’s always a hot dog lover at every event and never enough hot dogs served. Having your own hot dog machine sets you apart from all the concession stands that only serve lemonade, popcorn, or funnel cakes.

And the best part? The full rotation on the grill virtually eliminates cold spots and sends the delicious aroma of the hot dogs from yards away, so your stand will never go unnoticed.

Nacho Machine

Finally, no concession stand is complete without a nacho machine. While we still don’t believe popcorn haters exist, we do know that nacho lovers do, which is why having an alternative for cheese-lovers everywhere is a must-have!

Our extensive selection of nacho machine equipment covers you whether you’re a new business or want to expand. We’ve got dispensers, snack cabinets, display cases, and more, so you can find the exact machine you need to complete your concession stand!

Concession Stand Must-Haves: The Extras

Once you have the right equipment, the next, most important step, are the extras: the repair tools, the flavors, and the merchandise!

So, to properly complete your concession stand inventory and start your business off on the right foot, here are the five concession stand must-have extras you’ll need:

  • Popcorn Essentials & Cleaning Kit
  • Cotton Candy Floss
  • Fun To-Go Bags
  • Repair Kits
  • Hot Dog Grill Supplies

To view all of our extra supplies and find the exact product that’s right for you, head over to our concession stand extra supplies page where you can shop our extensive collection of eco bags, butter, floss bags, and more!

Find All Your Concession Stand Essentials at Cretors!

As the founders and pioneers of the popcorn industry, we know a thing or two about delicious, hot, and ready to eat food, which is why we’ve set out to create elite, professional concession stand equipment that helps business owners stand out.

Since our founding, we have worked closely with thousands of businesses, delivering the personalized solutions they need to both maximize their business opportunities and…most importantly…create delicious food.

That’s what we do!

For more information on concession stand essentials for your business or to get in touch with one of our product experts, please contact us today!