How to Keep Pizza Hot and Fresh with a Food Warmer

We know as well as anyone that there’s no such thing as bad pizza. Pineapple pizza? Sign us up. Pepperoni and sausage? A classic. Just plain cheese? Kevin McCallister was upset for a reason, it will always reign supreme.

There is one type of pizza that we don’t love, however, and that’s lukewarm, room-temperature pizza. No, not next morning, just out of the fridge cold pizza – we love that. We’re talking the pizza that has sat on a counter for hours and somehow manages to look dry despite having sauce?

At Cretors, we take fresh, hot, and delicious pizza very seriously and are here to help you avoid letting your pizza become a real-life version of dried-out SpongeBob with high-quality, reliable food warming equipment that keep your pizza hot and fresh for hours.

Benefits of a Pizza Food Warming Cabinet

Keeping pizza at its peak deliciousness is a very delicate science – one we have spent years perfecting. Not only does your pizza have to remain at a specific temperature and humidity level, but there also needs to be a continuous flow of air in order to prevent a film from appearing.

That’s where our humidified display cabinets come in.

At Cretors, we’ve designed each of our food warming cabinets to tackle these specific requirements, all while being completely user-friendly. Whether you’re hosting a party or selling pizza by the slice, our equipment always answers the question of how to keep pizza hot and fresh for longer.

Here are a few of our favorite benefits of using a food warming cabinet for both pizza and snacks .

Easy to Clean

Pizza is saucy and cheesy – not to mention crumbly, so you can expect your slices to make a bit of mess while in a warming cabinet. Fortunately, each of our humified food warmers comes with a removable dishwasher-safe tray for convenient and easy cleaning! No scrubbing or harsh chemicals necessary.

Better Temperature Control

Our humidified food warmer cabinets have programmable temperature controls that are between 135°F and 185°F and keep your pizza hot and fresh.

Convenient Grab-and-Go Access

We believe the best pizza is one that you don’t have to wait for. And because we know (scientifically) that it takes the brain approximately two seconds to recognize the smell of delicious, fresh pizza, we’ve expertly designed our pizza warming cabinets with convenient, grab-and-go access and circulating shelving racks, so pizza-lovers can get the exact slice they want.

Ways to Utilize A Food Warmer for Pizza and Snacks

The true beauty of pizza comes in its ambiguity. You can dress it up and eat it anywhere, anytime. And we feel the same way about our pizza warmers. Whether you’re hosting a large event or selling slices, our equipment is designed to work with you and be convenient and reliable, no matter what.

The best part about investing in a high-quality food warmer ? All the ways it can be used! From events and parties to business applications and educational settings, there are endless opportunities and ways to utilize a food warmer.

For Your Business

Businesses like movie theaters, sporting events, and fairs always need hot and ready pizza for hungry customers looking to relax with a cheesy slice. The best way to have fresh pizza on hand at all times is with a humidified pizza warmer, expertly designed with longevity in mind.

A recirculating air system, programmable digital controls, and slide out water tray with splash guard ensures that pizza is fresh for hours and hours.

For Schools and Universities

Hungry kids need delicious, hot pizza at a moment’s notice. And we make it easy for you to provide just that with heavy-duty humidified food warmers that are built to last against even the hungriest of middle schoolers.

Our equipment is constructed from heavy-duty #304 stainless steels and interior LED lights that provide the perfect amount of illumination!

Shop Cretors for All Your Snack and Pizza Equipment Products

Ready to stop worrying about the best way to keep pizza warm and just enjoy having hot, fresh pizza at the ready all day, every day? Don’t worry, as the pioneers of food service product making equipment, we know a thing or two about delivering expert food solutions and products that you can trust.

Shop our extensive selection of concession equipment today and find exactly what you’re looking for! For more information about our pizza warming equipment or to speak to a helpful customer service representative, please contact us today!