Cretors popcorn machine


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Product Description

Our FT40 reduces labor while increasing output!

Capacity: 40 lbs of popped corn per hour with very little scrap

In 1968, Cretors introduced the first patented hot air popper used in commercial food processing plants. Today, our industrial snack food technology is brought to caramel corn shops and other concession locations around the world. Popcorn kernels and other puffed products are uniformly popped or puffed in a steady current of hot air. No oil is used! Use a variety of sugar or savory coatings to create your own signature product. Originally designed for snack food plants, the Model 40 Continuous Hot Air Popper is popular among retail stores and large concession areas.

  • Automatic continuous dry popper with Cretors patented hot air suspension system
  • Popcorn kernels are popped in a steady current of hot air and uniformly heated to popping temperature
  • Pops both butterfly and mushroom popcorn
  • Combine the Model 40 popper with Cretors 100 lb caramelizer for a dependable popping plant to create a variety of popcorn batches using savory and caramel coatings
  • Say no to grease hoods needed when you pop with hot air

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