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Ringmaster Flite

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North America Dimensions:
12.20"D x 11.40"W x 18.50"H -- Shipping Weight Box (1) 35 lb -- Shipping Weight Box (2) 22 lb
Metric Dimensions:
52.07D x 34.29W x 43.82H -- Shipping Weight Box (1) 15.87 kg -- Shipping Weight Box (2) 9.90 kg
Voltage USA:
NEMA 5-15

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Product Description

Originally introduced more than 30 years ago, the new Ringmaster Flite is taking cotton candy production to a higher level. Our innovative design allows you to spin cotton candy cones vertically or at multiple angles and to new heights. A true showman, this wonderful merchandiser is an eye catcher, and fun experience for your customers!

Our originally designed floaters allow different angles for increased creativity. Adjustable motor speed allows the operator to adjust the flow of the floss from the floss head. Our unique heat element design creates a lighter, fluffier cotton candy. Stainless-steel construction is durable and easy to clean. The Ringmaster Flite uses standard cotton candy floss or regular granulated sugar. Put enough sugar to make one cone makes switching flavors super easy. Stretch-proof compression spring motor supports cannot be stretched out of shape. Great for rental companies, the Ringmaster Flite comes with a small 19" bowl and plugs into any standard 15-amp outlet.

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Key Features
Stainless-steel construction
Uses standard cotton candy floss or regular granulated sugar
Adjustable motor speed
Stretch-proof compression spring motor
Plugs into standard 15-amp outlet

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