What is a Hot Air Popper?

We all know of popcorn machines and microwaveable popcorn, but how much do you know about hot air poppers? Did you know that Charles Cretors invented the first popcorn machine in 1893? Cretors was immensely successful and went on to patent the first air popper for industrial use in food processing plants in 1968. Hot air poppers have been around for a long time!

The Rise of The Hot Air Popper

Hot air poppers are seeing a surge in popularity. They use hot air to pop the popcorn kernels, unlike traditional popcorn makers that use oil. Popcorn pops because there is a small amount of moisture in each kernel. When this moisture gets heated it turns to steam and, pop, the kernel explodes and you get your popcorn.

One of the historical concerns about popcorn is its potential unhealthiness. Hot air poppers negate this concern as no additional fat is added to the popcorn, it is kept at its pure, fluffy goodness. In a hot air popper, kernels are popped in a steady current of hot air with Cretors patented hot air suspension system and uniformly heated to popping temperature. When the kernels pop they travel down a chute into a waiting container of your choice such as a Cretors Receiving Tray or a food grade bin, ready for you to eat or add flavors of your choice.

The Best Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Another reason why hot air poppers are so popular is that hot air has proved to pop kernels more consistently, leaving you with fewer un-popped kernels and a bigger, fluffier portion of popcorn. The best popcorn is created because the kernels have been heated evenly, not too fast, and not too slowly. As the fairytale goes, it’s got to be just right. Cretors commercial hot air popcorn poppers can be temperature controlled to pop your kernels at the best temperature and can produce up to 40lb of popcorn per hour! You can then customize the popcorn to your customers’ requests, sweet or salty, or maybe a combination with additional flavorings and coatings. That’s a lot of cups of popcorn that will keep your customers immensely happy.

Delicious Popcorn Ready in Minutes

It doesn’t take popcorn long to be ready to eat, with a hot air popcorn popper. Once kernels start to pop, it takes between 2-3 minutes for a batch to be ready. We can’t predict how long the popcorn will last once it’s popped however, it’s just too tempting to eat! You need to find a trustworthy friend to bring you a full bowl.

Choose Cretors For Your Hot Air Popper Needs

Cretors has a long history of making delectable popcorn and knows what it takes to get popcorn just the way customers like it. We have a variety of hot air poppers that include a 12oz. compact popper, 24oz. XL popper, and 40lb. per hour continuous popper and/or snack puffer. The continuous OriginateAir Popper/Puffer machine has an optional built-in coater and seasoning dispenser to provide easy seasoning application. We have everything you need to suit your environment. Without the use of oil, your food costs are reduced and the shelf-life of your popcorn will be longer. While shopping for hot air poppers, check out our popping supplies, including popcorn salt and popcorn bags. Contact us today for your hot air popper and all the popcorn accessories you need to create delicious, mouthwatering popcorn.